Here's What's Happening  

This week in Mrs. Mauldin’s Class:

·      Reading: making inferences; literal & figurative language; summarize informational texts using key word summary strategy; written responses to reading

·      Writing: narrative story dialogue

·      Language Arts/Spelling: sentences; word sorts by patterns

·      Science: Weathering, Erosion, Deposition (Chapter 5)



·      Check your child’s Agenda.

·      All money sent in should be in an envelope or baggie with student name, class, and purpose. 

·      Power School is up and running.  You can check your child’s grades.

·      School fees - $65.00

·      Ms. Miller in the computer lab would like for each child to have a pair of headphones.  Ear buds are discouraged because they tangle easily. 

·      Weekly Folders will come home by Wednesday.  Any papers with a score of 70% or lower need to be signed and returned. 

·      Nightly Reading is required each night and at least once during the weekend. Students should complete reading logs and parents ONLY need to sign. 

·      Scholastic Reading Clubs book orders are still being taken.  Thanks to everyone for your orders so far. (On-line orders only).  Use our class code when ordering (GPV93)

·      Visit Mrs. Mauldin’s webpage (www.apison.hcde.org à click the link “School Staff” à click the link to my page). 

·      Please remember to adhere to the school’s dress code.  Shorts should be 1 inch below the index finger when hands are by the sides.



Check the calendar for due dates and upcoming events.

  • Events in RED are class related dates.
  • Events in BLUE are school related dates.