Christmas Party Gift Exchange  

The Holiday Season is here once again. Our room mom has printed up a letter about the class Christmas party that came home this week. The letter below came home too.

For the Christmas Party on December 19, I like to do a present exchange with the kids. We will play a gift exchange game. If you have ever played the Dirty Santa game at a Christmas party then this is similar.

For our game, everyone needs to bring in a gift that costs around $10. The gifts need to be wrapped neatly and securely. Please don’t put anything on the outside of the gift other than “To a Boy” or “To a Girl.” We don’t want to give out any clues. If your child is a boy, bring a boy gift. If your child is a girl, bring a girl gift. This will give us the correct number of presents for each gender.

All gifts need to be turned into me by December 14 please. If you are having trouble providing a gift for the exchange please let me know privately. We want every child to get a chance to play the game. Thanks!

Book It and Read 20  


Today I sent home a page from Read 20 about how many books a third grader is expected to read each year. Our goal is to read five books a month for a total of 40 books this year. These books should be about 100 pages each and be on their reading level. This is a combination of what the students read in class and the time they spend reading at home with you. One of our stations during reading is read to self and they have to read for 60 minutes each week for part of their weekly homework. This should help us meet our goal!

We are tracking the reading here at school through the use of a reading log in our reading station folders. Every time they finish a book they add it to their log along with the date they finished, the genre of the book, and how many pages it was. As a reward, every child that reads their 5 books each month will get a coupon for a Free Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. We are staring this challenge now, and any books they've read in the past few weeks can be added to their logs for September. On September 29, I will check the logs and the students with 5 books read will get their first pizza certificate. Happy reading! 

Welcome Class of 2017/2018  

Hello everyone,

Welcome to a new year everyone! I'm glad to be back and I'm really looking forward to having a great year with your child. I update this site with homework every day and other important announcements. We have homework on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. In addition to assigned homework each student has to complete a weekly homework log.  

We will be using Class Dojo for our behavior plan this year. If you've never used it before the app is a free download. I have sent the classroom access codes home, but I can reprint one for you if needed. This will allow you to see how your child did from day to day. The app also acts like a social "wall" where I can post information about things going on in our classroom. Class Dojo also has a text feature that allows us to communicate similar to e-mail.  

Remember that you can always reach me at bevil_j@hcde.org.

Please check the other pages on this site for additional information. The posted class schedule is last year's schedule and will be updated as soon as it is finalized. The old one has been left up as an example of our day.

Announcement Image for Welcome Class of 2017/2018