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Mr. Joey's page



I am Joey Mathew, commonly known as Mr. Joey,  I have served as aschool counselor in Hamilton County for 18 years.  I presently work at Apison Elementary and Ooltewah Elementary.  I have been at Apison for 9 years now. I am here at Apison Monday through Wednesday and Ooltewah Thursdays and Fridays.  


My job as a school counselor is to help children succeed.  I work with children in small groups, individually, and in classrooms.  The way that my guidance program is different is the way that I involves students to impact the school itself.  I have many  children that function as safety patrol, kids that organize and conduct the morning announcements, docent, snack packs, yearbook, and tutors in math and reading.


My motto is “What you speak to, you give life to.”  This is something that has been poured into me and i want to pour it back out. 

If you wish to contact me for any reason please feel free.  There is also a helpful form that will assist me in helping your child. 



Let me know how I can serve you!