2021 APEX Fun Run

APEX Fun Run

APEX Packet Reminder

Good Afternoon Apison Parents and Guardians:

Get Ready!  Our Apison Elementary School Remix fundraiser and APEX program kicks off next week!  We're so excited!

We love the amazing leadership and character building portion of the APEX program as it focuses on developing student self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital for school and life success.  The theme this year is APEX Mighty which will take students on an exciting journey as they learn the different habits it takes to be a MIGHT leader!  These quick, engaging lessons tie in with our schools vision and mission, encourages students to create a positive environment, and inspires them to lead by example.  You will receive more information on how to make a pledge to support our school next week.  On Monday, January 11th from 3:30 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., please stop by the school to meet the APEX staff and pick up your child's fundraiser packet.

As a reminder, the Apison APEX Remix culminating event will be held on January 21st. 

Please don't forget to stop by on Monday to pick up your child's packet.  

Have a good rest of your evening!


The APEX Kickoff Pep Rally will be Monday, January 11 at 3:15 pm. The Pep Rally will be viewed through your teacher's regular classroom Zoom broadcast. Your classroom teacher will contact you with additional information as needed. 

The APEX Student Packets will be distributed by the APEX Team on Monday, January 11 from 4 pm to 6 pm. The APEX Team will have their materials setup in front of the main entrance to Apison Elementary. Please stop by the school during this time frame to collect your APEX t-shirt and your APEX Team Materials.  
(Parents, any volunteers that can help pass out materials would be greatly appreciated! If you can volunteer, please contact your child's teacher to let them know!) 

APEX Lesson 1 - Mindful
January 12, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Mindful
Be Mindful

APEX Lesson 2 - Integrity
January 13, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Integrity 


APEX Lesson 3 - Grit
January 14, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Grit

APEX Lesson 4 - Hero
January 15, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Hero 


APEX Lesson 5 - Think Ahead
January 19, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Think Ahead
APEX Think Ahead


APEX Lesson 6 - Your Turn
January 20, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Your Turn
APEX Your Turn


APEX - Post Remix
January 22, 2021
Click HERE to Watch: APEX Post Remix
APEX Post Remix



  1. What is the Apex Leadership Co program?

    Apex is a 2-week interactive school leadership program that encourages development of leadership habits and good character, combined with a fitness-focused event fundraiser that helps schools raise much needed funds. The Apex program is flexible and adaptable to allow all students learning remotely and on campus to take part in this fun and exciting event.

  2. How can families support our school through the Apison Elementary School Remix event?

    Apex is our main fundraiser of the semester. You can help support our fundraising efforts by making a donation online at www.myapexevent.com using your student’s unique ACCESS CODE to log in. Then use the ‘Share Wizard’ function to send a link to family and friends and invite them to enter their own pledges online.

  3. What are we raising money for?

    Our goal is to provide our awesome kiddos with the best education and school experience possible and to make sure they have the tools they need to learn and grow. Your donations will go toward Playground Upgrades.

  4. What is a $ pledge per fitness move verses a flat donation?

  5. A $ pledge per fitness move amount is multiplied by the number of fitness moves the student completes at the event. Example: if a sponsor makes a $1 pledge per fitness move and the student completes 30 fitness moves, the sponsor donates $30 to the school.
  6. A flat donation is a flat $ amount that is not determined by the number of fitness moves a student completes.
  7. How many fitness moves will students complete at the remix event?

    The event is a lot of fun and the students are energized! Students will average between 26-36 fitness moves. Recorded fitness moves are capped at 36.

    For Pre-K students, please enter Flat Donations only ($15, $30, $60 or any other amount). Event results aren’t typically recorded for Pre-K students so if a $ per fitness move pledge is made, a default of 30 laps may be entered for your student.

    **REMOTE LEARNERS: Due to the challenges of collecting counts from home, a default of 36 fitness moves will be entered for each student. If your child’s actual result is less than that, please notify us on event day and it will be edited.

  8. Do students earn rewards? How does that work?

    Apex is all-inclusive so every student receives daily leadership lesson wristbands and an event day wearable, participates in the leadership and character building program, class/school wide rewards, and of course, the big event!

    Individual rewards are given out based on the pledged per fitness move total of the student, but flat donations count too. $30 in flat donations = $1 pledge per fitness move on the prize scale. $60 in flat donations = $2/fitness move prize level and so on.

  9. My child didn’t receive an access code? What should I do?

    You can talk to your teacher and an Apex athlete will add your child to the Apex system, and generate an access code for you. For any lost access codes, please email [email protected]

  10. What if families don’t have access to the Internet?

    No problem! Families can send their check/cash donation into the school any time before the event. Please make sure to include student and class name so they receive credit for the donation.

  11. Can sponsors pay for pledges online?

    Yes! Sponsors will be prompted to pay for all pledges online, including per fitness move pledges to make our donation collections easier and faster. If sponsors make a $ pledge per fitness move, their credit card is charged after the event. Cash or checks are also accepted any time before the event, however due to Covid-19 restrictions, online is the preferred payment method. All checks should be made out to Apison Elementary PTA.

  12. What do we do with pledges if students miss the remix event?

If any student is absent, sick or hurt, they will receive an automatic 30 fitness moves in the Apex system. This will allow sponsors to pay their donations if they still wish to help our school. For all top prizes ($30 & $50 per fitness move), students will need to complete at least 26 fitness moves and have all pledges collected before being awarded those prizes.
Pledging Opens

APEX Strong

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