This Week In Social Studies


  • ​Weekly Map Questions: The Statue of Liberty

  • Dry Erase Map: The MidAtlantic States

  • Class Content: Chapters 7/8

Map quiz and chapter quiz will be given on Friday. A copy of the chapter text can be found on my Documents and Files page. This week's Kahoot Challenge can be found at . The pin number is 0424000.


  • ​Weekly Map Questions: Picturing North America
  • Dry Erase Map: Students are practicing labeling a map of North America
  • Class Content: Review of Chapters 3, 5, and 6

On Monday, students completed their map quiz for the Northeast states (rescheduled from Friday, 9/28). We are working on review games in addition to the North America map and will do our weekly map quiz on Friday, 10/1, as well as a short quiz on chapter 6 (7 short answer questions). 

This week's Kahoot Challenge is up and running! Here is the link to play:

If it asks for a game pin, it is 0628582. This challenge will be active until Friday afternoon.


  • ​Weekly Map Questions: Map Key Practice
  • Dry Erase Map: Students are practicing labeling a map of the northeast states
  • Class Content: Chapter 6, Land of Small States

Students received a copy of chapter 6 on Monday to study throughout the week. They are practicing labeling their northeast region map in class and will quiz on Friday, 9/28. We will have a short quiz over chapter 6 on Friday as well.