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March 16, 2020

This week in Social Studies will look very different. I sent home a page protector with the map of the 50 states (blank and labeled) for your child to practice at home. I also sent home their chapter 5 study guide for The Lost Colony of Roanoke. They need to read closely in Chapter 5 and highlight the answers in their books. 
Below I'm including the study guide, fifty states map, and the text from Chapter 5 in case your child forgot their book at school. 

Chapter 5 text

Chapter 5 study guide

50 states maps (blank and labeled)

March 9, 2020

This week in Social Studies, we will be talking about the first European Explorers to discover the Americas! We will talk about the voyage of Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Hernando De Soto, and Amerigo Vespucci. 
Our quizzes will be on Wednesday, March 12. Below you will find our study guide and maps so you can practice at home with your child. 

Chapter 4 Study Guide

Cities of the US blank map

Cities of the US labeled map

February 27, 2020

This week in Social Studies, we will begin Chapter 3 on the clothing of different Native American tribes. The students have learned the terms breechcloth and that making animal hide into leather is called tanning. We are also comparing and contrasting the types of clothing in different regions.Our map is about the different tribes across the northeast, southeast, and plains regions. 

The quizzes will be on Monday, March 2. Below are the study guide and maps so you can review with your child. 

Chapter 3 study guide

Native American Tribes

February 19, 2020

This week in Social Studies, the students will compare and contrast the homes of different Native American tribes using Chapter 2 from our Across the Ocean book. The study guide will prepare them to compare and contrast two different homes for their quiz. This week's quiz will be a little different because they will not be answering questions. They will have to tell similarities and differences of any two given Native American homes.

The map we are working on is about the location of Continents, Meridians, and Hemispheres. The links are below so you can practice with your child.

Our quiz will be on Monday, February 24. Have a great week!

Chapter 2 study guide

Map of continents, meridians, & hemispheres

February 10, 2020

This week in Social Studies, we began our new book! We will start by studying Native Americans and their culture. Chapter one is called One World, Two Worlds. Be on the lookout for your child to bring home their Chapter one Study Guide. The study guide is also posted below. 

 Our next quiz will be on Chapter one and the map of Australia. The quiz will be on Thursday, February 13. 

Each student received a brand new book with their name on it. This book will be the only book they have until the end of the year. I have a class set they are allowed to use in class if they forget their book. They will be permitted to highlight in my book though! Please help your child keep track on their book and be responsible!

Chapter 1 Study Guide: One World, Two Worlds

Australia Map Blank

Australia Map Labeled

January 31, 2020

We will have our quiz on Chapters 16 & 17 and our map of Asia on Monday, February 3, 2020. The links are posted.

Asia Map

Chapter 16 & 17 study guide

January 21, 2020

This week in Social Studies we will be reading and learning about two of the biggest continents- Africa and Asia! The next chapter quiz will be on both chapters. The map quiz will only be on Africa. Our next quiz date is Monday, January 27. I'm giving a little extra time with this quiz because it is a lot of information! Below I have posted the maps and study guides so you can review at home with your child. 

Also, there will be no Kahoot this week. We be playing a different game in class to review for our quiz next week! 

Chapter 14 & 15 Study Guide

Africa Map Blank

Africa Map Labeled

January 13, 2020

This week in Social Studies, we will begin Chapter 13 on the continent of Europe. We will be learning about the major countries in Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Russia. 

We will have our map quiz on Europe and Chapter 13 quiz on Thursday. 

Chapter 13 Study Guide

Europe Map

Kahoot coming soon......

January 6, 2020

This week in Social Studies, we will begin our chapter and map on South America. We will read the chapter as a class and write what we are learning on our study guides. We will play Kahoot on Wednesday this week. The chapter quiz and map quiz will be on Thursday, January 9.

Below I have attached the maps and study guide for you to work on at home with your child. They should bring home their study guide tomorrow afternoon. 

South America Map

Chapter 12 Study Guide

Kahoot Challenge

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December 10, 2019

This week in Social Studies, we will be reading passages on different ways countries celebrate holidays this time of year. We will also be working on our Pacific West map of the United States. The students will take a quiz on this map on Monday, December 16. Please let me know if your child needs to take this quiz early due to an absence. 

There will be NO CHAPTER QUIZ this week!! 

Pacific West Map

December 5, 2019

This week in Social Studies, we began our study guide for Chapters 10 & 11 about the Mountains and Plains and the Pacific West. Mrs. Laura Anderson from Lee University visited all of our classes yesterday! She shared a great presentation about the state of Alaska! She has visited Alaska for the past 14 years with her education students. Be sure to ask your child about what they learned!

Our next Chapter quiz and map quiz will be Monday, December 9. Next week, we will also begin to study different Holidays around the World. 

Here is the new Kahoot! challenge for our quiz on Monday. Also attached below are links to the study guide and maps. 


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Chapter 10 & 11 study guide

Mountains & Plains Map

November 19, 2019

This week in Social Studies, we will begin our study of the Southeast region of the U.S. We've finished our study guide and it will be posted below along with a map so you can study at home with your child. We will also practice taking notes this week as we learn new facts about the Southeastern states. We will play Kahoot on Friday to prepare for our quiz!

The Map and Chapter 9 quiz will not be until Monday, November 25. 

Chapter 9 Study Guide

Chapter 9 Study Guide Key- front

Chapter 9 Study Guide Key-back

Southeast Maps

November 11, 2019

This week in Social Studies, we will be learning about the Midwestern region. We've been working on our study guide in class and your student will be bringing it home today! We will also organize facts we have learned into something we like to call "fact flowers". Look for it to come home with your student today as well. 

Our map quiz and Chapter 8 quiz will be on Thursday. A new Kahoot is posted and ready to play!We will play Kahoot tomorrow to prepare for our quiz! 

Chapter 8 Study guide

Chapter 8 Study guide KEY

Midwest Region Map

Midwest Region Map KEY

Play Kahoot here!!!

November 4, 2019
      This week in Social Studies, we will begin studying the Midwest region in chapter 7. We will begin going over the study guide in class tomorrow. As a class, we read the chapter, highlight in their own books, and record the answers. This helps your students prepare for the quiz. When we are finished with the study guide I have all of the students bring it home. Please be on the lookout for these study guides!

Chapter 8 study guide, map, and keys........ coming soon!!!!

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