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Ron Hughes
School is a community of learners. Not just for the present, but for as long as a person lives, the influence of an idea or the remembrance of an action observed will forever enhance or diminish the way a child looks at and understands his or her world. Learning does not take place just at school. Prior to kindergarten a child enters this community with attitudes and beliefs learned from his family and the other significant people who have already begun to shape his life. What this child becomes in life is largely contingent upon what he sees, hears, and does within this community of learning. School is not just teachers and a principal, school is working together of all those people who genuinely care for and purposefully work toward creating a world where there is peace, justice, and a desire to ever learn the truth. It is not just the responsibility of some of us, but the obligation of each of us.

Apison Elementary School pledges to collaborate with our parents and community in laboring hand-in-hand to establish a school community where children look at their world and have the vision to see the good and lasting values of life. We invite you to join us.


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