Apison at Home

Apison @ Home

Related Arts Schedule for Virtual Learning & Phase 1 

  • ASSIGNMENTS:  Assignments will be posted for completion on the Related Arts Google Classroom. 
  • CLASS CODES:  Your teacher will be sending the class codes. It is important for students to be in the appropriate classroom.    
    • Please contact your teacher for the class code or email Jennifer Purcell at purcell_jennifer@hcde.org
  • STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES:  All students are required to complete their assignments for each of the Related Arts classes as well as to attend the grade level Related Arts Zoom Meeting. 

During the zoom meeting, students need to be dressed, sitting up and ready to learn.  Cameras must be turned on and your child’s name should be at the bottom of their screen.

  • ZOOM SCHEDULE:  Related Arts teachers will zoom with each grade level once a week on Thursday or Friday during their regular related arts time, 

Thursday                                             Friday

4th grade - 9:35                                  5th grade - 8:50

Kindergarten - 1:05                             3rd grade - 10:20

2nd grade - 2:35                                 1st grade - 1:50

  • OFFICE HOURS:  Related Arts will have office hours Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during each grade level’s Related Arts time. Students may join the zoom meeting to ask questions or gain clarification on assignments. 

Kindergarten - 1:05                 3rd - 10:15

1st - 1:50                                 4th - 9:35

2nd - 2:35                                5th - 8:55

  • All Related Arts Zooms will begin tomorrow 1/7/2021 
  • IMPORTANT:  We will continue with this schedule for 4th and 5th grade during Phase 1 

Deadline Next Friday, November 20 

The deadline to sign up for learning options for the Spring semester (January-May) is next Friday, November 20. If you would like your child to remain in HCS at Home, please sign up in Parent Portal on PowerSchool between Monday, October 19 - Friday, November 20. For more information, as well as, a video on how to sign up on PowerSchool, please visit the
HCS at Home website (linked). 

HCS at Home Handbooks & Resources

Student Handbook (in English)
Student Handbook (in Spanish)

HCS Education Well Check

Hamilton County Schools has partnered with several local community organizations to provide Success Coaches for those students enrolled in HCS @ Home learning. This individual will connect with students to establish goals, help maintain pace of learning, provide encouragement and determine barriers to student success.

If you are interested in this support for your child, you may register for this on PowerSchool.

Virtual Learning Centers
Virtual Learning Centers

Hamilton County Schools has partnered with various organizations across Hamilton County to launch Virtual Learning Centers for HCS at Home families. These centers provide an in-person environment where students gather in small groups, under the supervision of qualified adults (volunteer or staff) to engage in remote learning. These partnerships ensure students who are learning remotely have support and supervision when needed.

For a full list of the Virtual Learning Centers, visit www.hcde.org/vlc.

Resources for Families

Please share the link below with your families. Tech Goes Home Chattanooga has created a library of "how to" guides and short videos around almost all of our HCS digital platforms.

Tech Goes Home: Shorts for Parents

Student Login Information - Google

Beginning this year, all students will be able to use one username and password to access all of their virtual learning tools through our new single-sign on platform, ClassLink. To log in  to ClassLink (http://launchpad.classlink.com/hcde), students will sign in with their Google account by selecting the "Sign in with Google" button. 

The default password for student logins on Google is their date of birth in MMDDYYYY format. The username is the first initial + last initial + student number. Example: John Smith, 12345 would be js12345@students.hcde.org.

Students’ Google login information is also used to log in to student Chromebooks.

If the default password is not working for your student, please contact your student's at home teacher at the school for support.  

*Note: Students in grades 4-5 have the ability to change their password after the initial login. Once changed, these passwords will vary from the format above.

Tech Tips for Families

To support families with remote learning, the district has created a user-friendly Tech Tips Toolkit. This toolkit provides information about the different platforms our schools use and tutorials to help families learn how to use them. Please share this toolkit with your students and families.

Click HERE for the Tech Tips Handout in English

Click HERE for the Tech Tips Handout in Spanish


We have created a Google Form for Apison's parents to use when they are having a problem with something related to digital learning. This Form can be completed for any technical/access problems for the Digital Learning Groups and the A/B Cohort groups that are also engaging in at home study.

Please click HERE to complete the AES Technology Help Request Form.


Click HERE to download the HCS at Home Student & Family Orientation Power Point Presentation.

This is the document that was referenced in the August 7, 2020 Zoom Conference.

Parent University


Visit our Parent University webpage or YouTube Playlist for the tools families need to be First Day Ready! From technology training to whole child supports, we’ve added many resources to help you be full partners in your child’s education. Click on the image below for the full list of offerings.
Parent University Links

Student Meals

Beginning Aug. 12, meals will be provided for students on online learning days. These meals will be provided at the price the student would normally pay if they were in their school building. Parents can apply for free and reduced meal benefits online Parents can apply for free and reduced meal benefits online HERE. Students must be enrolled in HCS to receive meals.

HCS Learning Continuum Students when the school or district has virtual learning days: Students will have the opportunity to take home meals to cover the days they are learning virtually.

HCS at Home Students: Beginning Aug. 12, parents may pick up meals on their student’s behalf each Wednesday between 9-10 a.m. through drive-up service at their child’s school. If parents have students enrolled in more than one school, they may pick up meals at any of the schools in which their children are enrolled.

Online Learning Expectations and Norms

At the beginning of each day:

  • Be prepared with your materials and technology.
  • Be on time and ready to learn.
  • Have your device charged and have access to the power cord.
  • Work in an area without distractions.

During whole group, one-on-one, and small group instruction:

  • Use kind words and faces.
  • Video should be on at all times.
  • Audio should be off.
  • Ask in chat if you have questions.
  • Answer teacher questions on cue and promptly.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Encourage others.
  • Wait your turn to speak.
  • Show respect to others.
  • Stay on topic.

As always, online learning is an extension of the class.  All Apison @ Home students will be expected to show “Patriot P.R.I.D.E.”

* All AES @ Home Lessons will be recorded.  This will be for administrative purposes and viewing as necessary. 

HCS at Home Handbook

The district has developed an HCS at Home Handbook to guide families through our new full-time remote learning program.

Click here to OPEN the HCS at Home Handbook (English)

Click here to OPEN the HCS at Home Handbook (Spanish)

Information about Whiteboards

AES @ Home Parents,

Many times during instruction, students use whiteboards with dry erase markers during lessons. This will be the case with AES @ Home as teachers work with students remotely. 

Please use this LINK if you would like to purchase a white board like the one pictured below. I have linked Amazon, but these can be purchased at Office Depot, Staples, etc.  

A Sample Whiteboard 

Whiteboards can also be made from shower board (purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s). The links below provide several examples of how you can create your own whiteboard for use at home.

Click HERE for directions on how to make a simple whiteboard out of sheet protectors.

Click HERE for directions on how to make 3 different whiteboards. (2 of these boards are larger boards that can be mounted on a wall)


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