We very much appreciate the feedback you’ve shared with us so far. It will help us organize things as we continue through the next few weeks. Here are some answers to the questions and comments we’ve received so far.

Q: Can you please refrain from giving "busy work?" 

A: Busy work is something we try to avoid in the classroom on a regular school day and we realize that in these circumstances, it would not be beneficial to your child to spend their time working on assignments that are meant to merely keep them busy. The assignments we are giving (and will plan for the future) will address specific grade level standards and intend to continue covering the things they need to know to prepare for 4th grade.

Q: Can we get access to textbooks?

A: We do not use traditional textbooks in third grade. Mrs. Putnam has provided everyone with a copy of the social studies booklets and Mr. Bevil provides access to science resources on his Google Classroom. The workbooks that the students use in math are considered their ‘textbooks’ and in reading, we use storybooks and tradebooks for instruction. 

Q: How much should we be working per day?

A: The packets that were sent home Friday have a suggested pacing schedule at the beginning of both the ELA and math sections. Mr. Bevil has also posted a schedule for science on Dojo and his Google Classroom page. We will create a schedule for the upcoming weeks and get that to you soon.

Q: Can you offer suggestions for organization?

A: Having a designated place for school work (dining room table, kitchen bar/island, desk, etc.) may help establish the expectation that “when you’re in this space, it’s time to work.” A collection of pencils, colored pencils/markers, crayons, a folder for work, and any other needed items could be placed in a basket at the workspace so everything is available in one place.  These are merely suggestions...we understand that the reality of the situation may be much different from what you intend to do and accomplish! Just do the best you can.

Q: Do we need to check in daily?

A: At this time, no. We are working to develop a plan for “turning in” work and keeping the kids accountable during our time off. We will get that plan to you once we’ve worked out the kinks.

Q: What are some recommendations for reading at home? 

A: Below are a few options:

*Collegedale Public Library: The CPL is offering curbside pickup! If you have a library card for this library, you can log in to their website and reserve books online. Books reserved before noon are ready the same day. Pickup is from 1-5. Have your library card ready, pull up to the book drop box at the back near the playground, call 423-396-9300, and let them know you’re there for your books. They’ll check them out to you, bring them out, check your card, and off you go!

*Epic! is offering a free account to anyone affected by the school closures. I have added all of my ELA students to Epic! You will be able to access this website from home by simply sending me your email address. I will input the address and the site will send you an invite. You can then sign up for an account without needing to input a credit card number.

*Readworks: The Readworks assignments that have already been given can be used as home reading.

*Chattanooga Public Library: All HCDE students have (or have been given the opportunity to receive) a library card for the Chattanooga Public Library. Using their library card number, you can register for apps such as Libby and RB Digital to access books online as well as audiobooks. These can be checked out and read on a variety of devices. * Favorite stories read aloud to you by the stars

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