Spelling Homework
Due Date: 3/27/2015
Subject: 2nd Grade

Students are expected to do the following with their list of words this week:

1. Write words 3 times each in your BEST handwriting

2. Pyramid Words: Write your words adding or taking away one letter at a time

Example:  r




3. Practice Test: Have an adult give you a practice test.

4. Study for your test of Friday!



Please try to keep all spelling homework on the same page and turn it in on Friday IN your homework folder. Students will be tested on their list of words plus 5 extra words that fit the spelling pattern. The goal is for students to understand the spelling pattern. 


Math Homework
Due Date: 3/27/2015
Subject: 2nd Grade

* Math facts tests will be give every FRIDAY. IF we have time early in the week, I will give them an extra opportunity to take the test. 


Week of March 23-27

- MONDAY: Workbook page 217-218

- TUESDAY: Workbook page 219-220

- WEDNESDAY: Workbook page 221-222

- Study Math Facts!


**Some students are missing problems on homework assignments. Please make sure you go over your homework with your child and support their learning. It is important that they are practicing their work correctly.**



Level 1: +4s, +5s, +6s

Level 2: +7s, +8s, +9s

Level 3: +10s, +11s, +12s (Students should be on, or completing +12s by winter break.)

Level 4: -4s, -5s, -6s

Level 5: -7s, -8s, -9s

Level 6: -10s, -11s, -12s


Due Date: 3/27/2015
Subject: 2nd Grade

Read for 15-20 minutes EVERY night. Write the title of the book in your Agenda Mate on the day that you read it. A parent must sign it for it to be complete.


Reading Response: Complete the activity sent with your homework sheet.