This week... 

Welcome to Mrs. McDevitt’s Class

March 23rd-27th

This week in 2nd grade we are…

 - Literacy: Reading non-fiction and learning how to locate information in the text.

- Language: Beginning our unit on adjectives

- Spelling: Words that have the "oo" sound, spelled with oo, ue, or ew 

- Writing: Starting our unit on poetry- learning about different types of poems and writing our own poetry

- Math: Beginning our unit on telling time


If you would like to volunteer to help at school (or at home) please let me know. I have a few things already that I could use some help on. 

- Pencil sharpening (you can sharpen at school, or I can send them home for you to sharpen)

- Putting papers in "take home folders" on Friday to be sent home




- Please sign the report card slip stating that you have seen your child's report card. If you did not receive a report card, please settle any outstanding fees or return library books.

- Sunday, April 12th is Spring Fling! More information will be coming soon!

- Spring Break is Monday, March 30th-April 3rd. Have a safe and relaxing vacation!



Spelling pattern: words that have the "oo" sound, spelled with oo, ue, ew

Spelling List 1

 room      true

pool        clue

moon      blew

roof        chew

spoon     drew


Spelling List 2

igloo          glue

bedroom    untrue

shampoo    threw

foolish        jewel

school        review