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I remember having to sit in front of Mrs. Walker for my very first interview.  Young and quite inexperienced back then, I was so nervous I remember my palms all cold and sweaty.  I had no idea what sort of questions would be thrown at me or if my response would be acceptable.  Mrs. Walker asked me where I saw myself 10 years from now.  With a spark of hope and evident enthusiasm, I recounted all the reasons I wanted to be a teacher. It is something that I’ve always wanted and dreamed of and worked hard to attain...


I was born inAtlanta,Georgiabut have very cloudy memories of my childhood there as we moved toChattanoogain 1983. I have been in the area ever since, It is here I graduated fromOoltewahHigh Schooland thenUniversityofTennesseeatChattanooga. I then decided to further my education and received my masters from TN Tech University. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have had a lot of positive influence and a solid academic foundation with continued support from my family educators and friends who have encouraged me to embrace my dream of teaching children.


May, 2003—the best year of my life. I successfully completed my student teaching and met the man I would later marry. In 2006, Eric and I married right here inChattanoogasurrounded by family and friends. It was one of the most important events in my life. A short time later, in August 2008, I took on another important role in my life—the most important ever, that of a mother. The birth of my daughter, Annabell, was a turning point in my life. Because I had a child of my own to nurture and care for, I reentered my classroom with a renewed perspective of what I would like to achieve as an educator. Three years later in December of 2011I had another daughter, Ella Marie. Today, I am doing what I love, teaching children and with the support of my husband and the love of my daughters, I hope to be a teacher who my students look up to, someone the children can trust and who will always go the extra mile to ensure their success.