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Safety Patrol

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Apison's Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is a AAA school-sponsored student volunteer program that promotes safety at school. Fifth grade students are selected to help direct student traffic upon arrival and during dismissal. Monitoring their peers and younger students is a wonderful opportunity for leadership skill development.

While on duty, safety patrollers will wear their yellow patrol belt. Patrollers are assigned a designated post. They must demonstrate model behavior as an example for other students. While on their post, patrollers help set the standards for a positive school climate. They send praise both written and verbal to our kids. The Safety Patrol program is monitored and organized by our school counselor Mr. Joey.

Apison’s Safety Patrol includes: Lizbeth T., Emily K., Caleb G., Annabelle G., Evan M., Aiden C., Landon R., Cristi V., Ella G., Reese T., Joshia C., Maddie O., Kate C., Addison C., Willa B., Ansley J., and Izzy N.